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Peter Cushing: Mad Science

November 2013

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Peter Cushing: Mad Science

Title- When You Love Somebody
Author- Judasmalfoy
Summary- . "Just because we broke up doesn't mean he can just run off with the first cute nerdy bass player he sees... Oh God I think I made a big mistake 'Cedes."
Disclaimer- I own nothing, I don't even really own my OC seeing as he's heavily based on Michael Cera (<3).
Pairings- Puck/Kurt, Puck/OC
Rating- R (for Puck's potty mouth)

Our story begins with an ending, on the last Saturday in September.

Puck had been floating on air for the past month. His life had done a complete turn around and instead of having a pregnant Quinn throwing anything that wasn't bolted to the floor at him he had fallen for Kurt Hummel. After he and Quinn had given up Beth the smaller man had been there for Puck, and during the last days of their sophmore year and into the summer they had fallen for one another. His grades had skyrocketing thanks to Kurt's reassurances and he had managed to steal a solo or two from Finn in Glee so far. All in all life was as good as it could get for Noah Puckerman.

Puck smiled as his cellphone began to ring, blaring the song 'Dearest' by Buddy Holly meaning the caller was Kurt.

"Hey babe."

"Hey Noah," Kurt said softly and Puck frowned.

"You ok Kurt?" he asked worriedly.

"Uh yea, I'm fine Noah, can you do me a favor and come over?" Kurt asked.

"Yea sure, I'm grabbin my keys now," Puck said before saying goodbye and flipping his phone closed.

Puck was pretty sure he could drive to Kurt's house blindfolded by now. He had spent most of the summer at the Hummel household, at the beginning it was just to get away from his mother's weird disappointed but sympathetic looks she would shoot him every 5 seconds. The more time he spent with Kurt however he had gone solely to see the smaller teen that he had quickly fallen in love with.

He hopped out of his jeep and made his way over to the front door, ringing the door bell 3 times to let all inside know that he was there.

"Come in," he heard Kurt call from inside.

Kurt was pacing, lost in thought when Puck entered the house. "Kurt?" Puck called out worriedly.

"Oh, hey Noah," Kurt said with a sad smile as Puck walked over to face him. "What's wrong babe, you ok?"

"Uh yea I'm fine...just been a long day is all," Kurt sighed. The bigger teen smiled and wrapped his arms around Kurt's waist "Well maybe I can make your day better," Puck replied with a grin as he leaned in to capture Kurt's lips. 

Puck frowned as Kurt turned his head and backed away from him. "I can't," Kurt whispered.

"What do you mean you can't?" Puck asked with a disbelieving chuckle.

"I mean I can't be with you anymore," Kurt said as he turned away. "I wanna break up."

Puck stared at Kurt's back in disbelief, his whole world had shattered with just four world. Puck thought it was rather funny how three little words could put you on top of the world and four words could destroy your entire planet. "Y-you what?" Puck asked in disbelief.

"I said I think we should break up Puck," Kurt repeated.

Puck flinched as his nickname came out of Kurt's mouth. He hadn't been Puck to Kurt for months, he was always Noah with Kurt. "Why?" Puck asked and Kurt looked down at the floor. "Kurt why?" Puck asked more forcefully.

"Because Puck...we aren't going to work, this was just a nice fling but it's over now Puck and it's time we both go back to reality were I'm the talented gleek and you're the jock that slushie's me and throws me into the dumpster," the smaller teen said, his voice turning ice cold.

"Kurt, come on dammit, you know I'm not that person anymore, I don't wanna be that person anymore, dammit Kurt I love you," Puck said, an edge of desperation in his tone.

"But I don't love you Puck," Kurt said, making sure to look Puck dead in the eye to quell any doubt in the jock's mind. 

Puck felt all the air rush out of his lungs and his legs began to move of their own accord, away from Kurt and out the front door. He couldn't remember driving home or leaving his truck behind in his driveway to wander around aimlessly. The sun fell behind the skyline and the temperature dropped but Puck couldn't feel the cold at all. All he could think of was the look in Kurt's eyes as he said he didn't love him, he had meant it and Puck's shattered heart ached and he felt like screaming. He couldn't feel his feet hitting the cracked sidewalk beneath him or the burn in his legs as he walked on and on for hours with no direction.

In the distance he heard the sound of a bass guitar tuning up and he came to a stop as he listened to the steady beat. For the first time in hours he thought he felt his heart beat again.    



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