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Peter Cushing: Mad Science

November 2013

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Peter Cushing: Mad Science

Title- Oh Coyote Running Wild
Author- judasmalfoy
Pairings - Loki/Sigyn
Fandom- Marvel movie-verse, Norse mythology
Summary- Post Thor, Pre Avengers. After Loki falls from the Bifrost he lands in New Mexico and begins a journey across the desert to search for a magical artifact he stored away when Midgard was young, an artifact that will help him trigger Ragnarok. Sigyn hears of Loki's fall and refuses to believe he is dead, she uses the pathways between the worlds that Loki had shown her when they were young and journey's to look for him. Will Sigyn find him in time and if she does will she be able to pull him back from the madness clouding his mind?
Rating- PG-13
Warning- Mild Language, some sexual content, violence, mentions of torture
Chapter- 1/?

And he fell, Odin's last words ringing in his ears. "No," and Loki slipped into the void as his brother screamed his name. He was carried away by silence and starlight and he closed his eyes to the beauty of the universe and focused on the rage in his belly and the spit in his eye. He would make them all pay, he would make them hurt like he hurt and when they all lay at his feet begging for death he would look them in the eyes and whisper "No."

He thought of his mother's reaction to his fall before he realized bitterly that he had no mother. He had no family, he was no one's son. Loki had been a fool to think destroying Jotunheim would win him his father's approval. Since the day Loki had expressed more interest in spells than becoming a warrior all his father's attention had turned to Thor. The mighty Thor, the golden son, the future king; he had taken everything from Loki and all he had left to call his own was the magic that had ostracized him in the first place. If he had just taken up the sword like Odin had wanted, Loki wondered if everything would have turned out differently.

Loki felt raw, like an exposed nerve. His entire world had been ripped apart so quickly and he was left spinning out of control with no stable ground in sight. He didn't know how long he had been falling for, it felt like a thousand years had past since his fight with Thor on the Bifrost and he felt so very old and tired. He had no interest in trying to stop his decent into the abyss. The cold wrapped around him like an old friend and the stars twinkled as if they were laughing at his misfortune.

All the air escaped his lungs at once as he felt himself slipping through a crack between the realms, his eyes were assaulted with a whirl of color and then he was starring up at different stars. Loki looked over his shoulder and saw the ground of some foreign world rushing up to greet him. Where he was he didn't know, but anywhere was better than home.


"He fell," she whispered before grasping the edge of the table for support. She looked up at Thor, the God of Thunder looked lost and filled with grief and she was thankful that she wouldn't be the only one to mourn.

"Why?" she asked him.

"He was destroying Jotunheim, I had to stop him Sigyn, he had gone mad I did not know what else to do," Thor began to explain, sadness in his voice. "He wanted me to fight him, I had no choice," he said and she wasn't sure if he was trying to convince her or himself.

Sigyn felt tears well up in her eyes but she refused to let them fall. She refused to let any man see her shed a tear, nothing was ever gained by showing weakness. "He has fallen but he is not dead," Sigyn said as she straightened her back and strengthened her resolve. Thor furrowed his brow "Sigyn, no one could survive a fall like that," he said. She just smiled sadly at him, "Do you not know your own brother Thor, Loki is too stubborn to die." Thor let out a small laugh and shook his head tiredly.

"Do you think you can find him Sigyn?" he asked her "You are my brother's oldest friend and I know he showed you the secret ways between the realms."

"What makes you think he is in a realm at all, he could just be falling through space, lost forever to the void," she exclaimed angrily. Sigyn wanted to reach out and strike the prince before her. She knew it was not Thor's fault, Loki had shut everyone out since the day it was announced that Thor would take the crown. Sigyn new that her friend had felt hurt but she never envisioned his jealousy would cause him to take up arms against his once beloved brother.

"If you believe so strongly that he is alive then I know he would find a way to escape the void, he always has a way out," Thor responded. Sigyn moved away from him and over to her collection of spell books, "I may have a way to locate him, if he is in one of the nine realms I might be able to locate his magical signature."

"Magical signature?" Thor asked. Sigyn rolled her eyes "Every being who practices the art of magic has a unique magical signature, where ever there is magic it leaves behind a print, and that print in itself is unique and can be traced to original source. I know Loki's signature I've seen it a million times before, even the slightest magic and I'll be able to find him," she explained.

She tensed as the big man swept her up in his happiness and gave her a