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Peter Cushing: Mad Science

November 2013

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The Walking Dead

Title- The Parting Glass, R

Title- The Parting Glass
Fandom- The Walking Dead/Doctor Who
Rating- R
Warnings- Language, Violence, Zombies
Spoilers- Everything for the Walking Dead TV show and up to season 6 of Doctor Who
Summary- When the Tardis lands in a parallel universe Rory is left behind to fend for himself as Amy and the Doctor try desperately to get him back. The boy who waited has no choice but to learn how to survive on his own, and survival is key now if he ever wants to see Amy again because as Rory wakes up in his new world he's found that the walker's have taken over. Doctor Who/The Walking Dead crossover (because I'm crazy and want to make this work)
Characters- Rory, Amy, The Doctor, Rick, Lori, Carl, Andrea, Dale, Hershel, Maggie, Glenn, Daryl, Merle, T-Dog, Carol, Michonne, The Governor, Sophia, Shane
Disclaimer- I own nothing Doctor Who belongs to the BBC, The Walking Dead belongs to Robert Kirkman and AMC.

Chapter 1

Rory clutched the baseball bat in his hand, the sweat from his palms threatened to loose the weapon from his hands as he slowly opened the door to a nice looking and hopefully abandoned house. He had to get food, his stomach growled in complaint and he wished that he was back on the Tardis safe and fed. Everything that had transpired in the past week had felt like an absolute nightmare and he didn't know if he would ever get home again. He was pretty sure that the Doctor hadn't abandoned him on purpose, Amy would surely kill him if that was the case. All the same he was still pretty cross about having been left behind especially when the dead started to walk. This wasn't some alien invasion, this was the real deal, this was the zombie apocalypse and the Doctor had dropped him straight into hell.

Rory crept into the house ready for anything to spring out at him. He glanced around him and saw on the walls that there were nails that hung no pictures, he hoped that whoever lived here had escaped and were somewhere safe and alive. He crept further into the house, not letting his guard down as he searched for the kitchen. The air around him was still and he stood and strained to hear the tell tell sign of the Tardis landing but all he could hear was the occasional bird chirp and the buzzing sound of cicadas, the rest was silence. The heat was stifling and if he hadn't seen signs all around town telling him that he was in Georgia then the heat would have certainly given away that he was in the deep American south. Rory wiped the sweat off his brow as he walked into the kitchen and began to open cabinets hoping to any food that the owners had left behind.

"Three cans of vienna sausage," Rory whispered to himself as pulled out the small cans. It wasn't much but it would be enough to quell the persistent growling of his stomach. He didn't know how much longer he would be able to last on his own, he didn't know how to hunt and he couldn't continue to risk breaking into people's houses, lest it be filled with gun totting survivors or a horde of walkers. He wolfed down the sausages as fast as he could, it was getting late in the day and he figured he would stay in the house until the next day.

"LORI!" he heard someone yelling near the front of the house, Rory grabbed his bat and stood still hoping that whoever had entered the house wouldn't find him. "CARL!" the voice called, filled with despair and confusion.

"LORI, CARL!" the voice called out in anguish. Rory crept closer to the man's voice, he knew he couldn't survive for much longer if he stayed by himself and if he helped this man find Lori and Carl then his chances would go up dramatically, having someone to talk to would be nice as well, he had been by himself for what he believed to be a week but he wasn't sure, time had gotten lost somewhere and as a time traveller it made him uneasy.

He crept closer to the living room and he heard the man whisper "Is this real?"

Rory peered around the corner and saw the man on the floor in a hospital dressing gown and a large bandage across his chest. Rory leaned his baseball bat against the wall, as a nurse he couldn't just leave the man if he was injured and despite the confusion the man didn't come off as if he had been bitten.

Rory crept slowly into the door frame "Sir?" he asked quietly. The man's head shot up and his eyes narrowed on Rory as he stood and quicky grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and slamming him into a wall. "Where are they, where are my wife and son?" the man asked angry and frantic. "I...I don't know I just got here right before you and there wasn't anyone here I swear," Rory pleaded.

"Why are you in my house?" the man growled.

"I'm sorry...I just came in to try and find some food I swear that's all," Rory pleaded. He had been so focused on staying away from walkers that it hadn't entered into his mind that a living person would be just as dangerous. "Please I'm sorry I'm just trying to get back to my wife and family," Rory pleaded. The man searched his face for a moment, the man's gaze held his own and as Rory looked into the dark eyes he saw a warrior staring back at him. Rory just hoped that the man would see the Roman in him and let him live. The man's grip on his collar was gone as suddenly as it had come.

The man backed away and without saying a word made his way out the open front door. Rory sighed in relief before picking up his bat, he looked down at the piece of aluminum in his hand, the tip was stained dark with blood and he was starting to worry at how easy it was getting to pick it up and swing it into someone's head until it made a crack and the walker fell down dead at his feet.

Rory heard a crack and then a gunshot "I got this son of a bitch daddy," he heard a young boy yell. Rory ran outside and saw the man lying on the ground at the feet of a young black boy with a shovel in his hands. "Carl," the man said as he looked up at the boy.

"No!" Rory called as he ran down the front steps and towards the man. "Did he say something?" Rory looked up into the face of the boy's father. "Boy you know that walkers don't talk," the man chastised his son.

"Sorry dad," the boy said.

Rory began to check the man over when the boy's father cocked his gun and pointed at the man's head "You tell me what that bandage is covering, you tell me if you've been bitten right now or so help me I will kill you," the boy's father said as he pointed the gun to the man's head.

Rory watched as the man lost consciousness. "He hasn't been bitten," Rory told them. "Well then why does he have the bandage?" the boy asked.

Rory checked underneath the bandages "Gunshot wound, looks like he's been in hospital since all this started, he doesn't seem to understand what's happened," Rory explained. "Oh I'm Rory by the way," he said as he made sure that all Rick had sustained was a bump to the head and not a concussion. "Morgan," the man said. "I'm Duane," the boy introduced himself.

"Do you have anywhere we can take him, his house isn't secure and I've been on the move ever since the start of this," Rory said. Morgan nodded "We've got the house four doors down all boarded up, you two can stay for the night."

"Thank you, can you help me get him up," Rory asked as he pulled Rick into a sitting position, "Get his legs," Rory instructed.

"So no offense but you're not from around here," Morgan said. 'No offense taken," Rory said, it was nice to actually talk to someone again.

They moved the man safely into the house that Morgan and Duane had taken over and laid him on a makeshift bed in the living room. "He should wake up in a few hours with a headache but nothing too serious," Rory said. "You seem to know what you're doing, what are you a doctor?" Rory felt a surge of longing in him and Rory looked down trying to hide his sadness "No, just a nurse," he replied.

"Well a nurse is better than nothing," Morgan replied. "Yea," Rory chuckled.

"If you don't mind me asking, what brought you to Georgia, I mean haven't seen too many Englishmen around, as a matter of fact I haven't seen much of anyone around," Morgan said and Rory gave a small smile. "I got separated from my family, didn't mean to end up here but doing the best I can either way," Rory explained.

"Guess that's all anyone can do nowadays," Morgan replied. Rory looked over at the man on the bed and he wondered who he was and what had happened to him. He hoped for the man's sake that Lori and Carl were still alive somewhere as he hoped that he would survive long enough for Amy and the Doctor to find him.

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